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Jung, In Your Dreams

    Have you ever had a Dream in which Carl Jung, the Old Master of Dreams himself appeared?
    I believe many of us have. I have. As I thought about how I would tell my dream I tried out different phrases.
    I had a dream about Jung.
    I had a dream with Jung in it.
    Jung appeared in a dream.
    I saw Carl Jung in a dream.
    Or perhaps, I had a visit from Jung.
    Now, I've always considered my dream to be a dream. But if someone were to suggest that it was, in fact, a visit from Jung, I couldn't deny that possibility. "After all, it's not something I could prove", I thought. And then I thought, "How would I go about proving, or disproving it."
    Well, of course I would start by gathering together many of these dreams and looking at them. What is their nature? "Wouldn't that be a great project", thought I. To gather together these dreams in which Jung appears and see what they're all about. We'll certainly find out something about ourselves, and what Jung represents to us, or we may even find out what the Old Man has been up to recently. In any case it would be great fun. And so this is what this website is about.
    I'm requesting that you send me your dream, if you've had one in which Jung appeared. As these dreams come in I will read and compare them and update this site so that I can share the information with you.
    I realize that asking you to share a perhaps treasured dream is quite a request. I'd therefore like to let you know a little about me so you know who you're sharing with. And I'll tell you my dream.
    I began reading Jungian psychology about 28 years ago. And I began painting around the same time. The artwork and my dreams were part of the inner work that I did for myself and by myself over the years. Then about eight years ago I began seeing a Jungian analyst and I shared some of my work with her. She asked me to do a presentation for the Jung center in Cleveland. Now I had to take out all this work that I had done off and on over twenty years and organize it and figure out how to explain it to other people.
    I did the presentation, but was left with a very strong feeling that I had only just begun the work and that I needed to continue to organize and analyse and write about my work. It seemed like an overwhelming task and I had a lot of fears and reservations. As I was reading a book by D. S. Bond entitled Living Myth, Personal Meaning as a Way of Life, I began taking a new perspective of my work. I was especially taken by his explanation of the religious nature of this work. As I was reading I came to a passage, which referred to, "Jung's map through the geograpy of mythmaking". This phrase reminded me of a dream that I had had perhaps 16 years earlier, but had not understood at the time.
    Here is the dream:
    I dreamed that I was in school, standing in the hallway and Carl Jung walked up to me and handed me an assignment. There were three things written on a piece of paper. 1. Do one facial., 2. Write one paper., and 3. Draw a map of the Holy Land.
    Now the meaning seemed clear. This was the work that I was doing over the years and what I needed to complete. Still feeling a little dazed by this revelation I went to my art therapy class where a young woman was giving a book report on Women Who Run With the Wolves. She read this quote from Clarissa Estes, "Art is not just for oneself, not just a marker of one's own understanding. It is also a map for those who follow after us."

    If you choose to share your dream with me, please tell me a little about yourself and your associations to or understanding of your dream. Perhaps what it has meant to you. And of course any synchronistic events that occurred in relation to it.
    You can write to my email address at

Thanks, and may all your dreams be Big Ones.

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