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As of 9/1/00 at 8:50 AM, there is nothing here yet. I'll probably e-mail you later once I've made something. -- Christina


Well, here are a few possibilities as to the design:

And here are some Jung images I've found, which I have no real idea if they're actually public domain or not...

You can sign up to get a counter for the number of visits to your pages at The address to fill in for the "complete address of the page that you will be using the counter on" is . After you've signed up, forward me the email they will send you. That is, if you want a counter; they are rather useful, because without one, you won't really have much idea how many page views (also known as "hits" or "visits") you're actually receiving.

I have one of these counters on my own site at The page views are mostly from myself, but I've gotten 1 page view each from Canada and Germany respectively, and perhaps a dozen hits total that weren't me. (I haven't been advertising very much.)


Well, it's nearing completely done, I think. Behold! If there's nothing else that needs to be done, I can put it up on the main part of the site whenever you give the word.

The next step will be to figure out where to advertise it (certainly, one place would be newsgroups), and probably get it submitted to search engines (which I've never done before!)... it should probably be easy enough to figure out.


Here's what I have for the updated front page:

If you have any particular ideas for the design, let me know. These formats are ready to go, though.


The update. It can be used as it is now, or modified any way you like.